Concert, Show and Exhibition Trip Reports

Concerts and Exhibitions Traveling the United States

Dallas and Fort Worth make up a major metropolitan area, and as such we get a lot of concerts, touring companies, traveling exhibitions and more that pass through our area as they tour around the country. We may see them while they're in DFW, but people all around the US will benefit from trip reports and photos for when the show reaches their city.

As I develop traveling show trip reports I will provide those below.

Concert, Show and Traveling Exhibition Travel Reports

ADDED FEBRUARY 2015! Jurassic Quest Life-Sized Dinosaur Model Exhibition in Dallas, Texas - I've had a passion for dinosaurs going back a half-century. When I heard that Jurassic Quest, a nationally touring exhibition of life-sized dinosaur models, would be passing through Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, I knew I wanted to go. Is Jurassic Quest coming to your city? Read my trip report to see if it's worth seeing.


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