Travel and Equipment Review Videos

Travel Videos and Video Equipment Reviews

As of February, 2015, videos of our travel destinations are a new addition to Family Travel - moving forward I will create trip report videos of all trips we take, and as time permits I'll try to create video reviews of older vacation trip reports. In addition, I create videos that provide equipment reviews, demonstrations and test video footage of photographic and video equipment. Ultimately, I'd like to create video versions of my tutorials as well.

The videos are located around the website in appropriate places, but I am adding this section to consolidate all the videos in one place, making it easier for you to find them.


Travel Trip Review Videos - Visit this page to find easy access to trip report videos of all the places we visit. Ultimately, each video will include two parts. First, you'll find a trip report for the location being covered. Second, you'll find a music video featuring scenes from the location, to give you a flavor of what the location offers.

Photographic and Video Equipment Review and Demonstration Videos - I like to create videos that demonstrate the capabilities and features of audio / visual equipment, such as GoPro cameras or image stabilization gimbals like PilotFly FunnyGo and Feiyu Tech G4 gimbals. Want to learn more about photographic equipment? Check this page out!


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