Creating Panoramas

Taking the Wide View: Panoramas

Family Travel provides the following travel photography tutorial for photography and family traveler enthusiasts.


Transfer and convert your photos to JPEG but don't edit them

Transfer the pictures to your computer as you normally would. If you’re shooting RAW or NEF images – and I certainly hope you are! – you need to convert the pictures to JPEG for stitching.

Do NOT edit your panorama photos before converting to JPEG. I do a lot of editing before I convert to JPEG normally, but you can’t do that with panoramas. If you tweak your curves, adjust your exposure, pump up saturation or make any other changes to the pictures, they will no longer be consistent with the other photos in the series and they won’t stitch together properly. Clean up the pictures after you’ve stitched them together.

For now, just convert to JPEG.

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Here are steps to creating panoramas:

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