90 steps away from St. Marks Square

We loved the apartment in Venice. It was fairly small but not too small. The views from both balconies were wonderful. We had our own little secluded courtyard and canal off to the side. And we were only 90 steps away from St. Marks Square - I know, I counted. Here is some more information about our apartment.

Our Venice Italy Apartment:

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The apartment started with a nice, cozy living room area. A reasonably sized kitchen included fridge, stove, microwave and all the other stuff you'd expect. There was a small washer but no dryer in the apartment. A hallway led you past the bathroom and down to the two bedrooms. The main bedroom is a nice size, with double doors leading out to the balcony. The second bedroom is very small but for one person it's just fine. We loved the nice breeze we got through the apartment. We never had to use air conditioning at all. We loved the double doors on our bedroom. We left them open at night, which was smart because the room was wonderfully cool all night long. However, we failed to put on mosquito repellant and I ended up with over 100 bites after the first night - I know, I counted.

The décor was simple but very nice and comfortable. This apartment is on the 5th floor, and we appreciated the elevator for that reason. The elevator was very small - I felt like a horse going into a horse trailer every time I got on or off it. One time my brother and I got on it at the same time, and I swore I heard it say, "I think I can, I think I can . . . " But that was no problem. I was grateful to have the elevator. The apartment also had high speed internet access which we really loved. The other apartments we used didn't have this and we missed it a lot.

The apartment is managed by Brittany and Daniella. I didn't meet Brittany but communicated with her by emails, and she was very responsive and cordial. Daniella showed us into the apartment and he couldn't have been nicer. They have assembled a book of information for their tenants that was extremely helpful - their information book was better than what the other apartments had provided. This included a well-worn map that showed where to find good restaurants, a supermarket and other places of interest. They were just delightful people to work with and I'd recommend them wholeheartedly.

Of the three places we stayed, I think this may have been my favorite. It just had a nice feel to it, a terrific atmosphere that I enjoyed immensely. The Florence apartment may tie it, I'm not sure - but I do know I'd be thrilled to stay there again if I returned to Venice. A far, far better place to stay than any hotel, that's for sure.

view from front balcony

view from main bedroom balcony

living room





Second bedroom

Main bedroom

Main bedroom

This is a view from the bell tower. The apartment is the balcony in the center of the picture with flower pots along the ledge.

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