Venetian Masks in Venice

The Mystique of Venetian Masks

The history of the Venice mask goes back to the 13th century. The Venice Senate gave the city's mascherari, or mask makers, official artisan status by the Senate in 1436, making it clear that even 500 years ago the Venice mask was an important part of the city-state's culture. The masks were usually for celebration, but they also had more serious uses as well. For example, during the black plague that devastated Venice in the 1500s, doctors would wear a mask with a long beak, filled with fragrant herbs and flowers, which the doctors believed would protect them from the illness. By the 1700s it was popular for people to wear colorful masks for Carinvale, or Carnival, an annual celebration in Venice. Today, only the gondola is as recognizable a symbol for Venice as the Venetian Mask; it truly captures the mystery of this unique city.

Venice Masks:

Mask Shops - There are probably more mask shops than gelato shops in Venice. Most have the standard masks that were probably made in China or something. We bought two masks in Venice. One at the place Rick Steves recommended: Ca' del Sol. Castello, 4964, 30122 Venezia. Tel 0415285549. This shop was great, lots of masks to look at that were hand made, not imported from Korea. We got one mask here, and a second mask at a nice gift shop near St. Marks. This one is really more of an art piece, with Swarovski crystals, signed by the artist. Really beautiful piece.

We had fun in Ca' del Sol. The place was packed with cool masks and the woman working the shop was very nice as well. Another good Rick Steves recommendation! Ca' del Sol is tough to find. Below you will find a map and their business card, to help you find the place.

The other mask we bought came from a nice gift shop. This was more of an art piece than a real mask, with Swarovski crystals and all. The next two photos are quick snapshots of that mask - at some point I'll shoot nice pictures of it the next time I get my studio lights set up.

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